Virtus Ps

Semi Custom OSRS Server

Welcome Adventurer! Where legends are born!

Massive Dungeons

Explore our dungeons with friends or by yourself and defeat powerful bosses to gain many great rewards.

Co-op Gameplay

Play together with a friend or someone random and take on our hardest bosses for the best gear in the game with multiple people.

Monthly Events

We do monthly events here on Virtus Ps, whether it be a huge bingo or a pk tournament with cash or ingame prizes!

Last Man Standing

A minigame that allows you to demonstrate your skills with no risk at all!

Iron Man Mode

Take on Virtus-Ps as an Iron and see how far you can get!

Unique PVM

We offer a huge variety of OSRS Bosses and some custom ones too!

Chamber of Xeric

Travel through Cox and conquer Olm to earn massive rewards.

PK Tournament

Every hour a free tournament is available for nice rewards.

Hard Core Iron Man Mode

You get one life, think you can manage to be on top?


Mobile gameplay coming soon!


Active discord chats with updates and giveaways.